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Tenant Screening
Tenant Screening online with tenant credit check and vetting for landlords and letting agency services. Each report can include a credit risk score and details of previous addresses and Voters Roll confirmation of residency.

Tenant Screening Reports
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Consumer and Tenant Credit Checks

Our consumer reports enable you to credit check tenants.
With credit and financial information on over 44 million UK consumers a credit report on any UK tenant applicant online gives you the means to instantly establish whether or not the potential tenant has any track record of poor credit history.

With data from one of the largest UK credit reference agencies our partner service provides in-depth information for tenant screening.

Where the prospective tenant is also running a business it may be possible to check the business, and also the background of any director, for example to check the financial status of the business or reveal any history of failed companies. Most tenant checking does not go into this depth but the facility is there if this is required.
The fastest and easiest way for landlords and letting agencies to screen tenants.
Search the subject online and pay by credit card and view the report online. 10/10

What is in Tenant Screening?
A tenant screening report is quick and easy to obtain, and the information provides an overview of the subjects financial credit history and previous addresses.
  • Check current and previous addresses listed
  • See linked addresses that the tenant may not have disclosed
  • Reveal adverse credit records recorded against the tenant
  • Screen out high credit risk tenants

Our services are now the preferred choice of over 10,000 business key decision makers who need access to accurate and reliable credit information and tenant screening.

We do not provide tenant screeing
overseas but we can offer reports on companies and businesses for the purposes of risk assessment on any corporate business world-wide. Our international services includes European and international credit reports available either online or within days for special investigation reports. When a special investigation is requested our local corporate research agents will use their knowledge to put together the most detailed and up-to-date report on the subjects credit and financial position.

Tenant Screeing Services...
Tenant Screening
Get a tenant credit check to confirm credit history and previous addresses - for landlords or letting agencies
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Consumer Credit Check
Credit reports on any UK consumer available online from one of the leading UK consumer credit agency services
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Company Checks
For B2B checks on UK companies and businesses, a credit report on any UK business can be searched online
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What information can I see in a tenant screening check?
A tenant screening report confirms the tenant's name and address and whether or not they have been recorded on the Voters Roll. The screening will include any previous addresses that have been recorded for example where the tenant was previously renting a property. If the tenant has been renting for some time then this can help landlords to determine whether the references provided by previous landlords match with dates and addresses shown for previous addresses. The tenant screening will also give an indication of any credit records and payment history for certain credit accounts any adverse information recorded.

The right tenant
With care a landlord can reduce most of all letting problems through a careful tenant screening and selection process. It is natural for landlords to avoid having their property vacant for long periods and perhaps being rash in filling the property too quickly and taking the first tenant that comes along. But it is a big mistake. It is far better to screen a tenant and remove a few that could be the cause of considerble headaches in the future, and find a tenant that is a good one.

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